Interior Painting and Remodeling

Painting Tips

When undertaking a painting project the type of paint being used is as important as the color being applied. There are slight, but significant, differences to the products down the painting aisle in the home improvement store. A variety of options are available to make the paint look shinier or more durable to everyday life. Even the specific room being painted is a factor when deciding what type of paint to select. There is, however, a simple strategy for choosing the paint that works best.

Each room can be decorated in any variety of colors and still have the same paint properties as other rooms. The most common of all types of paints are: matt paint and gloss paint. Both of these types of paints are generally offered in the same color ranges but deliver very different results when finished. Matt paint is the easiest type of paint to apply and finishes flat, or without a shiny or glossy finish. It will require more touch-up maintenance since it will show marks easily. Gloss paint is almost the exact opposite of matt paint because it may require additional coats to see an even coating. This type of paint will also finish with a bright shine which can show off defects in the wall construction or patches to the wall’s surface; it is easier to clean though because of this.

These two types of paints may be the most popular but to there are additional paint types that offer more versatility. Matt enamel is just like standard matt paint but has a more durable finish and can be applied the same way as its counterpart. Matt enamel is great for kitchens and high-traffic areas because it is so durable, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. An alternative to gloss paint is eggshell. This type of paint gives a semi-glossy finish without having to worry too much about imperfections in the wall or wear-and-tear being highlighted by the shininess. It is always recommended to use testing paints in a variety of finishes to ensure that the end result is the desired result.

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